The task of the legal advisor is to inform his clients of the various legal risks to which they may be exposed. Partner in the economic life of SMEs, its goal: to settle disputes and preserve their interests. It is responsible for litigation management and monitors developments in legal texts. He will fully assume his responsibility as a guide to your partners.

The activity of the legal advisor comprises three main tasks: the establishment of consultations (commercial, financial…), the drafting of documents and the possibility of being mandated by his client to act or sign documents on his behalf.

Multidisciplinarity at the service of the client

With our advice, the client will be able to be guided towards a wide range of issues, and will not be confronted with a professional mastering only a legal specialty. Its mission is to accompany its clients in global projects and not to apply a simple technique. Professional investment is therefore intense…

Qualities indispensable to the service of the customer

In addition to his many qualities of synthesis, rigour and pedagogy, the legal advisor responds to a precise ethics based mainly on the need to safeguard his intellectual independence, the duty of discretion, the ability to act with loyalty and the constant concern to find suitable solutions for its customers.