With our experience in the field, we manage the collection chain in its
global. Our teams are responsible for the entire recovery, from amicable recovery to our interventions have only one objective:

  • Obtain a quality recovery within the time limit
    as short as possible and for all types of unpaid and debtor
    This treatment allows us to act through negotiation, by out of any trial, which allows you to keep
    your customer relationship.
  • But before talking about methods and meanswe dispose we will show you why you must outsource the collection, i.e. entrust it
    to a firm specializing in the field.

Reasons for Effectiveness

1. Our firm’s expertise offers reliable guarantees regarding the recovery of unpaid debts.
2. The status of the collection firm gives us natural authority and a “label”
which allows us to have a certain ascendancy over your debtors.
3. We guarantee you reliable and fast staff (broker agent investigators
recovery of in-house lawyers a bailiff etc.)
4. A daily, weekly or monthly report based on the number of debtors
Factors related to flexibility
1. By focusing on your core business, your company’s efficiency is not compromised
since the management is entrusted to the firm specialized in the field. You then gain time for you to focus on your activities
2. Given the efficiency of the firm, the firm’s level of expertise means that
flexibility and responsiveness.
3. The method of contractualization leaves the possibility to the enterprise to mandate the firm only
Therefore, your skills portfolio would allow you to have the same flexibility to the intern?
Financial determinants
1. In the short term, the company may benefit from immediate recovery, particularly if it
call a factoring company.
2. Collection company commercial policy ensures billing only
on recovery of unpaid debts. (we will be paid after you are satisfied)
3. The risks are thus fully transferred to the firm. The company is thus making its
accounting (no provisions for liabilities and charges).
4. Ancillary charges resulting from recovery and litigation actions are transferred to the
office (mail visit transport personal communication etc.) and all this without being sure of recovered your debt